Free HIV testing still available!

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Are you in need of HIV testing? Matthew 25 is still offering free HIV testing at this time! Our only stipulation is that you call ahead and make an appointment.

By calling ahead and scheduling a specific appointment time, you allow us to make sure that any patients we have already in the clinic who could be COVID susceptible are able to finish their appointments without worry of any additional vectors of contraction.

Calling ahead also helps us protect you! By giving us time to schedule an appointment with you for your test, you allow our staff to make sure that all of our equipment and facilities are fully cleaned and disinfected by the time you would arrive after our other appointments.

Our main goal is to always provide the utmost quality of service to our patients and community. By giving us a call to schedule a testing appointment with our Prevention team, you help us make sure that we can keep you and everyone else safe and healthy.

Call today to schedule your appointment! (270) 826-0200

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How You Can Help

Matthew 25 is a non-profit organization and relies on government funding and the generosity of the community at large to continue to provide the services we do. If you do not have the ability to donate monetarily, contact us to see how you can donate time as a volunteer!