Prevention Services


Matthew 25 AIDS Services, Inc. outreach and prevention staff provides services to those who are negative and positive. The goal of the prevention team is to provide the latest in HIV education and services to prevent the spread/transmission of HIV/AIDS. The prevention team provides free HIV testing and risk reduction in all levels of environments including health fairs, homeless shelters, transitional housing, drug/alcohol treatment facilities, community groups, colleges, and medical clinics.

If you are interested in having a representative from Matthew 25 speak at your event and/or provide free HIV/Hep C testing, please call 270-826-0200 and ask for the Director of Prevention.

HIV Prevention

Matthew 25 encourages the following 4 pillars to prevention of HIV/AIDS.

What to expect when you visit

When you arrive at our clinic(s), you will be welcomed in by our staff, who will be sure to make sure you feel safe and comfortable. All activity that takes place within the clinics are confidential.


All testing is free. To be tested, all you need to do is explain what you are there for, and they will immediately notify the prevention team, who will then take you to a testing room and perform an Insti test, which consists of a finger prick and a 60 second blood test. This test is highly accurate and will determine the next course of action: 

For those testing positive, a second and more in-depth test will be administered to confirm results. If the second test comes back positive, you will be encouraged to speak with our Linkage-to-care specialist to assist in coordinating your future care. 

For those testing negative, they are encouraged to come back for any future testing needs. 


Linkage-to-care assists newly diagnosed patients to also come to terms with their diagnosis and receive prompt medical intervention by gaining access to specialty services. 

Early treatment of HIV has many benefits, such as improved health outcomes, opportunities for risk reduction interventions, and lower medical costs. 

The Linkage-to-Care Specialist will: 

  • Build effective, working relationships with each patient. 
  • Help the patient to develop acceptance of their HIV positive status. 
  • Address questions and concerns about managing HIV. 
  • Create and execute plan for overcoming barriers to care. 
  • Coordinate and link each client to community resources based on patient’s needs. 

*Anyone diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and not currently under medical care is eligible for Linkage-to-Care services. 


Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, also called PrEP, is a prescription-only pill taken once daily to protect against HIV. If you are at high-risk of exposure to HIV, and are not living with HIV, PrEP can greatly decrease you chance of contracting HIV. When taken properly, HIV risk is reduced by up to 96%. 

Matthew 25 offers PrEP in both Indiana and Kentucky.* If you would like to hear more about PrEP, have any questions or would like to make an appointment please call our office and let us know you are interested in PrEP. 

*PrEP program in Indiana is funded in collaboration with the Indiana State Department of Health Prevention Programs 

How You Can Help

Matthew 25 is a non-profit organization and relies on government funding and the generosity of the community at large to continue to provide the services we do. If you do not have the ability to donate monetarily, contact us to see how you can donate time as a volunteer!