Face Mask Safety: Myth vs Reality!

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Right now, there are several different opinions swirling around about face masks in the fight against COVID-19.

We’re sure you’ve heard them: 1)”Face masks make you breathe in carbon dioxide and poison you”, 2)”Home made masks aren’t effective against COVID”, 3)”COVID is in the air anyways so it doesn’t matter.”

Well, we want to take some time to address these MYTHS. Yup! That’s what they are, absolute myths with no evidence to back them. In contrary, there’s way more evidence out there showing that they ARE effective!


So let’s tackle number 1: CO2 can poison and kill you if you breath in too much. BUT the face masks we use don’t prevent it from escaping! The masks aren’t restrictive enough to block airflow; if they were, you wouldn’t be able to breathe in the first place!

Also, doctors, nurses, EMTs, etc. all wear masks for several hours at a time  there have never been any recorded reports of “CO2 Poisoning” from one of these masks, whether home made or not!



Number 2: There’s mountains of evidence from professional sources demonstrating that masks ARE effective at preventing COVID-19 spread. There’s a significant decrease in the amount and even the ability of the virus to be transmitted from person to person when one or (preferably) both are wearing masks.





Lastly, COVID-19 does NOT spread via the “air”. COVID spreads from tiny, tiny droplets of spit released every time we talk, cough, sneeze, or breathe. Even if you don’t notice it, you do release some water droplets in the form of spit!

So how are masks effective?

The masks can catch these droplets in their fibers while still allowing the air to flow through. This prevents viral particles from being spread from person to person, protecting you and those around you!

So PLEASE, if you are going out in the public for any reason, wear a mask! It will not harm you, in fact it will help you! And it will help others!


For more information, check out the CDC website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html


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