Expanded opportunities for Evansville!

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We have some exciting updates!

We have been blessed at Matthew 25 to have exceptionally talented and dedicated people working in our clinics. Naturally, that hard work gets rewarded and recognized!

We have two staff members at our Evansville Clinic who are having their specific roles and responsibilities expanded! So give it up y’all for Tim Chadwick and India Neville!

Tim Chadwick has worked at Matthew 25 for 4 years and held the position of Linkage-to-Care Coordinator, helping new patients come to terms with their diagnosis, assist them in creating effective plans for overcoming any barriers to their care, and assist them in accessing resources in the community to meet their specific needs, among other things. However, Tim has been promoted to also take on the duties of a Medical Case Manager! This will involve helping coordinate specific patients’ treatment and healthcare services through transportation assistance, medication adherence and assistance, provider referrals, and much more!


Tim had this to say about his new role:

“I am excited to have a more long term role in the care we provide to our patients and to help them achieve their goals in a new supportive position.”


India Neville has been with Matthew 25 for a little over a year and has spearheaded our Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) program in Indiana! She has done an amazing job building this program up from the bottom. PrEP is a daily anti-retroviral therapy that people currently not living with HIV (but at risk for contracting it), can vastly decrease the chances of becoming infected. In fact, PrEP has been shown to decrease the chances of HIV transmission by 92% between an HIV(+) partner and an HIV(-) partner when taken consistently!

India’s success with Matthew 25’s PrEP program has led to her being given new Linkage-to-Care responsibilities as well! This will give her an expanded opportunity to not only help current patients, but to also offer more PrEP access and information to potential partners and friends of theirs.

India’s thoughts on her new role were:

“I am excited to take on new roles, learn new skills and meet new people!”

We are so excited for Tim and India! And so, so happy that they are on our team and making the lives of our patients even better!

In need of Linkage-to-Care services? Medical Case Management? Interested in PrEP? Call our Evansville office at (812) 437-5192!

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