In Need of Face Masks!

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Hi all! Matthew 25 AIDS Services is currently working on reaching out to our community to try and provide cloth face masks to as many of our patients, their partners/family, and anyone else we are able to serve.

These masks help to slow or completely stop transmission of droplets and virus particles between individuals and restrict the potential spread of COVID-19. A study in 2013 actually showed that home made masks are fairly effective at protecting against droplet spread when compared to surgical masks!

Matthew 25 is hoping to acquire enough masks to create a stockpile so that we are never short-on-hand and can immediately provide them to those in need. This is especially critical as our patients have weakened immune systems, and are more susceptible to cases of COVID-19.

We are asking that anyone who is able, to please donate whatever extra masks they have to Matthew 25 AIDS Services at one of our offices (Henderson, Owensboro, Bowling Green, Evansville). We have over 600 patients and maybe half of them have masks. We will not turn any donations away and will be absolutely grateful for any help we get.

Our community has always been the most supportive and without them, we could never do what we do. This is an extreme time for us all as a world to work together, with knowledge that this outbreak can be beaten. Humanity has done amazing things, and we can and will continue to do so!


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How You Can Help

Matthew 25 is a non-profit organization and relies on government funding and the generosity of the community at large to continue to provide the services we do. If you do not have the ability to donate monetarily, contact us to see how you can donate time as a volunteer!