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We can only contain our excitement for so long! We are ecstatic to announce that we have started a Blog! We wanted to be able to share more content, stories, information, etc. that other social media outlets just simply wouldn’t let us! So here we are!

With our blog, we are hoping to be able to help educate the community even more when it comes to ending HIV stigma, or improving public health understanding, and even just giving others an outlet!

Take a look at our very first blog entry! This week is all about the background of our new, virtual event A Walk In Their Shoes (sign up today!) We are so eager and excited for this event AND for this new blog! We think both are going to do a world of good for us, our patients, and our community!

Here’s the link to our Blog! Go read it today!



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How You Can Help

Matthew 25 is a non-profit organization and relies on government funding and the generosity of the community at large to continue to provide the services we do. If you do not have the ability to donate monetarily, contact us to see how you can donate time as a volunteer!