Other Ways We Help

The health services are not the only areas of need that have to be met. Many individuals who come to find that they are infected with HIV/AIDS lose everything. Many heartbreaking stories can be told of people losing their jobs, their housing, and even being disowned by family and friends.

Matthew 25 does not want anyone to face the extended results of HIV/AIDS on their own. We do all that we can to be as involved as we need to in the lives of our patients in order to provide them with not only physical support, but emotional support.


Matthew 25 is pleased to have two different housing programs for our Kentucky clients who are living with HIV/AIDS and live in our service area.* These clients may be able to utilize these programs depending on availability of funds. This project has been accomplished as a result of financial assistance from the Kentucky Housing Corporation and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

HOPWA-Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS

This program is designed to be short term for people who are HIV positive. They are eligible for assistance up to five (5) times in a 52-week period. The assistance received will be subsidized based upon their income, household size, amount of rent/mortgage/utilities, and the county they reside in.

TBRA-Tennant Based Rental Assistance

This program is designed to be transitional housing assistance for people who are HIV positive. The client is eligible for a Security Deposit and a Utility Deposit. These deposits are only given one time and the client must carry the deposits if they should move. The TBRA assistance for rent is also based upon income, household size, amount of rent, and county they reside in. The client is also eligible for a utility allowance only if they have zero income. This allowance is based upon the size of bedrooms and what utilities are used in the household.
Please ask to speak with your medical case manager if you are interested in either of these two programs.


* For those outside of Matthew 25’s Housing Program service area, residents of Kentucky may be able to receive services from Heartland Cares. Indiana residents may be able to receive services from AIDS Resource Group (ARG). Please speak with your Medical Case Manager for this referral information



Zack’s Kitchen is a food pantry named in memory of a special friend of Matthew 25’s who was killed in a car accident at the age of 24. The pantry is stocked with canned goods, personal care items, household cleaning products, paper products, and frozen meat.  Clients can receive items twice a month. Care is given to offer nutritional food as well as personal items that are often hard for clients to purchase. Our goal is for our food pantry to supplement client’s food supply.


Zack’s Kitchen is proudly funded by the following corporations, foundations and organizations. We are deeply grateful for the help each one has given to help provide valuable services through Matthew 25’s food pantry.

Click on any name below to see just how they helped our food pantry.

Chapel Hill United Methodist Church

In 2009, Chapel Hill United Methodist Church donated $1,000 to go towards the cultivation of strawberry plants. In 2010, a successful crop of strawberries was grown and distributed to the recipients of Zack’s Kitchen.

Henderson Breakfast Lions Club

In 2010, the Henderson Breakfast Lions Club gave a grant of $1,000 that went towards the expansion of Matthew 25’s community garden.

Raymond B. Preston Family Foundation

In November 2009, Matthew 25 received notice of a grant award from the Raymond B. Preston Family Foundation for $5,000 for the purpose of purchasing two refrigeration units for Zack’s Kitchen.


Both in 2008 and 2009, MAC AIDS Fund granted Matthew 25 AIDS Services with funds to help the food pantry. In 2008, they granted $12,298 and in 2009, they granted $18,000.

Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS

Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS has been a generous giver of support to Matthew 25 AIDS Services for years. In 2010, they gave a grant of $7,500 and it was used to stock the food pantry with good, healthy food.

Food Pantry Locations

Henderson, KY

452 Old Corydon Road
Monday and Friday only
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Closed from 12:00-1:00 for lunch.

Owensboro, KY

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
720 Ford Avenue
1st and 3rd Thursdays;
9 a.m. – 12 p.m. (Delivery only)


Evansville, IN

420 Mulberry St Suite 308
2nd and 4th Tuesdays
9 a.m. – 12 p.m. (Delivery only)

Henderson Location

452 Old Corydon Rd,
Henderson, KY 42420
Monday & Friday Only
10am- 4pm
Closed for Lunch from 12pm-1pm

Evansville Location

Old Post Office Plaza
101 NW 1st St, Suite 215
Evansville, IN 47708
2nd & 4th Thursday Only
(Delivery only)

Owensboro Location

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
720 Ford Avenue
Owensboro, KY
1st & 3rd Thursdays Only
9am – 12pm (Delivery Only)


What is a Peer Support Group

A peer support group consists of those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and a trained facilitator. The group meets once every month at a regular time. The group meets to discuss issues affecting their lives and their concerns, in a non-threatening, nonjudgmental environment. It is a forum to take back control over their lives and reduce feelings of isolation through the shared experiences of others.

Confidentiality is of paramount importance. We must always keep confidentiality in mind. This is seen as an important value in the groups. It needs to be respected so that everyone feels comfortable. Group members are asked to commit to never talk about what goes on in the group in a way that may reveal the identity of a group member.

Provide a safe place to express feelings (of sadness, fear, guilt, anger, loneliness etc.), discuss topics such as sex issues, disclosure, work/employment, treatment and medical issues etc. The members of the group decide on ground rules, discussion topics and invite guest speakers. To explore quality of life options how others deal and live with HIV. Find practical ways to live day by day with the virus. Establish support networks for group members.

Guidelines for Support Group
Be on time for each meeting. This is courtesy to others in the group. The meetings will start on time each week.  Attend every week if possible. Regular attendance is important to maintain group solidarity. The group is not the same if you are not there for the meeting. Maintain Confidentiality.

Important Information
The group is led by the Facilitator provided by Matthew 25. All members are HIV positive/affected and are there to support one another in a nonjudgmental environment. Our groups are a safe space for people to simply be themselves. Groups are a golden opportunity to meet others who are HIV positive and share experiences that can help break down the feeling of isolation.

Peer facilitators have the opportunity to provide topics, information, speakers, presentations, etc. upon request for any group. If someone would like to Peer Facilitate a group, please have your materials, presentations, information, topics, etc. to Matthew 25 at least one week prior to the date of the group meeting so that we may assist with any copying, tailoring, or providing any additional information that Peer Facilitator may need.
How To Join A Group
Simply ring and ask one of the Matthew 25 facilitators, to put your name down on the list for the next available Peer Support Group. They will be available to answer any questions you may have concerning Peer Support Groups. For information on the next available Peer Support Group call Matthew 25: (270) 826-0200 or (866) 607-6590.

Henderson Support Group

3rd Friday Monthly
452 Old Corydon Rd,
Henderson, KY 42420
10:30am – 12:00pm CST

Owensboro Support Group

2nd Thursday of each month
Trinity Episcopal Church
720 Ford Ave Owensboro
12:30am – 2:30pm

Medical Case Manager Program

KY HIV Care Coordination Program
The intent of the Care Coordination Program, also known as the Medical Case Manager Program, is to facilitate the provision of quality care and services to HIV infected individuals and their families in a timely and consistent manner across a continuum of care. The Kentucky program provides Medical Case Managers (formerly known as Care Coordinators) in six regional sites and community based organizations throughout Kentucky to aid the client in identifying and accessing needed services. These regional sites allow for statewide coverage and better local access to these services. Matthew 25 AIDS Services, Inc. covers the the Green River, Barren River, and Lincoln Trail AD Districts. For Matthew 25’s patients in Indiana, AIDS Resource Group in Evansville provides this service. ARG can be reached at1-812-421-0059.
Goals of KHCCP (KY HIV Care Coordination Program):
  • To optimize the client’s self-care capabilities by empowering him/her to direct his/her own life decisions.
  • To identify the extent of the client’s informal support systems.
  • To assist the client in locating and accessing existing services in areas including entitlement benefits (Medicaid and/or Social Security Disability Services), medical care, housing, counseling, transportation, legal and nutrition services.
  • To identify and establish a referral system with area health care and social service providers and community-based HIV organizations, and HIV counseling and testing sites.
  • To ensure that duplication of services by formal and informal support systems does not occur.
  • To provide the client with educational information regarding disease transmission and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, and encourage and reinforce good health habits and secondary prevention methods over the course of case management.
  • To identify and document patterns of service needs and advocate for effective policies and resource development.
  • To facilitate the initial and on-going education of health care and social service providers to the issues surrounding HIV disease.
  • To ensure that program funding is appropriately used to meet the documented needs of HIV+ persons throughout the State in a manner that coordinates funding streams and makes use of existing community resources and services.”]


Kentucky AIDS Drug Assistance Program (KADAP)
This program assists low-income, eligible Kentuckians with the purchase of AIDS-related medications prescribed for FDA-approved indications. Once approved, eligible applicants receive formulary medications through a mail-order pharmacy service provided by the Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy in Lexington, Kentucky.  For complete information, contact 1-866-510-0005 (toll free).

Kentucky Health Insurance Continuation Program (KHICP)
Provides payments for the continuation of health insurance benefits for eligible individuals who are at risk of losing their employment-related or private-pay health insurance because of HIV disease.

Kentucky Outpatient Health Care and Support Services Programs Provides assistance for eligible individuals with a wide range of community-based medical and non-medical support services, such as, but not limited to, physical and mental health care, housing, nutrition, and transportation services. From the list of eligible services, priority services are identified during each funding period, based on such factors as client and Care Coordinator input, needs assessment survey results, resource inventories, client satisfaction surveys, and funding limitations.For Matthew 25’s patients in Indiana, AIDS Resource Group in Evansville provides this service. ARG can be reached at 1-812-421-0059.
Matthew 25 on a case-by-case basis provides clients without vehicles rides to and from their clinic appointments, depending on driver availability. In some cases, gasoline vouchers are available…medical case managers can help facilitate the paper work if clients are eligible.

Additional Health Services Offered Through Matthew 25

Early Intervention Medical Services for HIV/AIDS infected persons is of the utmost importance. Not only to fight the HIV virus but also to support the immune system. Persons do not die from the HIV virus; they die from infections caused by an array of bacteria, other viruses or fungal attacks on the immune system.Matthew 25 believes in a holistic approach to the medical care that we provide. We believe that care provided in a team approach that has the patient at its center is the only way to treat this disease. We provide comprehensive medical care, including:

  • Nurse Practitioner with a Collaborative Infectious Disease Physician
  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Medical Case Management
  • Nutritional Support with Zack’s Kitchen (Matthew 25’s Food Pantry)
  • Transportation
  • Support Groups
  • Dental Services

And all if this is provided all in one place. Our clients don’t even have to go to another place to have their laboratory values drawn. We know from experience that health care provided in this seamless approach allows our clients to feel comfortable and not afraid to have to go one more place to divulge their status, which often produces anxiety and non-adherence.

We also know that handing a person a prescription does not mean that it will be filled. With case management and a support services specialist that is skilled in working with indigent drug programs we make sure that the client has access to life saving medications.

Outcome measures of our clients exceed national standards with our clients re-gaining immune function and reaching undetectable viral loads.
Our clinical team travels to our Evansville and Owensboro locations to put specialty HIV care a little closer to where you call home.