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If you are interested in joining the wonderful and caring people at Matthew 25 AIDS Services, please regularly check back to see if there are any career openings.


Financial Administrative Assistant

The F.A.A. will perform day-to-day financial administrative support to the Administrator, Accountant and Data Manager. A qualified individual will have experience in accounting, financials and program management. Being skilled in organization, planning,  attention to detail and the ability to work independently and prioritize are also traits that would make a successful candidate.

The ideal candidate will process the following qualifications:

Associates Degree in Accounting or related field, years of experience will substitute for degree as applicable.

Experience handling A/R or A/P preferred.

Must be computer literate and able to demonstrate Microsoft Office usage.

Previous experience in utilization of social media thru marketing, sales or communications

Must provide good credit history, have a satisfactory driving record and criminal background check.

Each employee at Matthew 25 is expected to:

Support the policies, strategic plans and goals of Matthew 25

Undertake continuous education to remain current with organizational standards

Manage special projects as assigned

Assists in establishing continuous quality improvement that supports the accomplishment of the organization’s mission

Maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner so that you get along with clients, co-workers and managers.


Director of Clinical Services

Administration – Henderson, Kentucky


This position is responsible for the operational supervision and ongoing support of Matthew 25 AIDS Services, Inc. health care delivery system at a rapidly growing, innovative clinic working with HIV+, Hepatitis C and at risk for HIV patients. Responsibilities include supervision of all clinical operations.



Supervision and development of clinical care teams and staff.

Utilize quality improvement initiatives to assist teams in improving patient outcomes and achieving health goals over time.

Monitor the health needs of the agency’s target populations and adapt operations as necessary.

Oversee on-going empanelment’s of patients for all providers/clinic teams.

Provide operational supervision and evaluation for the clinical staff including Nurse Practitioners, Mental Health Counselors, nursing staff and medical assistants.

Serve as a clinical leader in the participation of quality performance and reporting programs including the NCQA recognition and accreditation as a Patient Centered Specialty Practice.

Works as a liaison with vendors, stakeholders, and/or third parties involved in clinical care and operations.

Serves on organizational committees involving clinic operations such as the 340B oversight committee, participates in management team meetings and quality meetings.

Oversees compliance for clinical operations.

Maintains working knowledge of 340B operations and provides support as required for the 340B Program Manager.

Provide regular observation, input  and on-going training in collaboration with Leadership Team  to ensure front office & supportive services staff; including 1-1 meetings, evaluations, feedback, support, and coaching for smooth transitions and communication among all departments in providing excellent patient experiences and care.

Helps to create and maintain smooth operations and communication between the clinic and other departments of the organization such as Linkage, Billing, Referrals, Access, and Retention.

Analyze systems, work flows, and operational problems. Provides recommendations utilizing LEAN Principles.

Build and maintain relationships with community social service partners, medical community, business partners and referral coordinators from other organizations,

Liaison for the Clinic and other departments at Matthew 25.

Attend weekly care conference and other multi-disciplinary meetings such as AIDS Resource Group (ARG) meetings.

Travels to satellite offices with the clinic team as needed.

Develop and update policies and procedures in conjunction with teams, staff, and providers based on federal, state and county guidelines.

Advocate for clinic staff in organizational leadership meetings and other appropriate venues;

Oversee flow of clinic operations, answering staff questions, troubleshooting problems and seeking out appropriate support as needed.

Attends NQC meetings, Community Bridge and regional quality group meetings as required.

Attend staff meetings and required trainings.

Has monthly 1-1 meetings with administrator.

Participate in discussions, events, workshops, and trainings offered by Matthew 25 to foster development and cultural awareness.

Work as part of a cohesive team to provide support for Matthew 25 staff.


RN/BSN or equivalent clinical experience.

5 years experience in healthcare or related setting

5 years in leadership position with experience in staff supervision

Strong computer and database skills

Able to manage projects independently and take the lead with little direct supervision

Excellent organizational, communication, and collaboration skills

Able to work with people of diverse backgrounds

Valid Driver’s License and willingness to travel, if necessary

Willingness to work evenings and weekends for special events, if necessary

Nutrition Specialist

Community Services – Henderson, Kentucky

Matthew 25 AIDS Services is a non-profit healthcare clinic that specializes in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. We believe that nobody should face these diseases alone. Matthew 25 AIDS Services exists for the sole purposes of providing high quality services for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

The successful candidate will share Matthew 25 AIDS Services, Inc.’s commitment to its mission, to support, educate, and treat those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.


Will oversees the operations of the food pantry, Zack’s Kitchen. The  Nutrition Specialist will also work directly with our patients that have nutritional needs based on the clinical assessment completed for each patient at a minimum of annually and as needed. They will assist them in meeting dietary needs as well as providing counseling and guidance to improve their overall nutritional wellness.


    1. To organize the production of all deliveries and food pickups.
    2. Will manage the ordering of food pantry supplies and maintain food inventory.
    3. Maintain proper rotation, inventory and documenting process for nutritional supplements.
    4. Keeping organization in Zack’s Kitchen and storage areas.
    5. Oversee the cleaning of the food pantry, storage areas and supplies.
    6. Responsible for all cooler/freezer logs daily and ensuring staff/ volunteer’s usage.
    7. Encourage all Matthew 25 staff/volunteers to follow all policies and procedures for food pantry.
    8. Insuring the proper rotation of food within storage areas and refrigeration areas.
    9. Overseeing all data entry.
    10. Will communicate with food delivery volunteers.
    11. Will complete reports for Tri-State Food Bank and submit to DCS for review.
    12. Completion of monthly food pantry report to DCS for review.
    13. Will create and distribute yearly food pantry/patient satisfaction surveys.
    14. Running monthly and year to date reports.
    15. Training all Zack’s Kitchen staff/volunteers.
    16. Updating all food pantry documents.
    17. Assisting DCS with the organization of Yuletide, a yearly food basket donation project.
    18. Understanding the impact of diet on medical conditions, specifically HIV/AIDS.
    19. Will meet with patients that have nutritional needs based on their clinical nutritional assessment and provide counseling, suggestions and resources.
    20. Publish one post at least bi-weekly on nutritional habits and practices for our social media platforms.
    21. Will suggest meal plans, taking both cost and clients’ preferences into account
    22. Evaluate the effects of meal plans and change the plans as needed
    23. Promote better nutrition by speaking to clients about diet, nutrition, and the relationship between good eating habits and managing HIV/AIDS as well as other related health issues.
    24. Keep up with the latest nutritional standards of care.
    25. Will help clients find resources and programs in the community that support healthy nutritional habits and dietary wellness such as local farmers markets, workshops and educational events and programs.
    26. Performs other duties as directed/logically associated with the job.



Support the policies, strategic plans and goals of Matthew 25

Undertake continuous education to remain current with organizational standards

Manage special projects as assigned

Assists in establishing continuous quality improvement that supports the accomplishment of the organization’s mission

Maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner so that you get along with clients, co-workers and managers


Associates degree or related certifications preferred.

Background/Experience in nutrition/wellness.

Proven ability to work with and maintain confidential and sensitive client information.

Experience working with diverse sexual/gender orientations, the homeless, substance users, and multiple-diagnosed individuals.

<!– [if !supportLists]–>5.     <!–[endif]–>Ability to lift 60+ pounds when necessary

Highly organized, self-motivated, reliable, and able to work independently and within a team.

Have good verbal communication skills.

Must have a valid driver’s license.


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